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Wine Wednesday & Thirsty Thursdays at Noble House

Enjoy all the fun of a bar and restaurant with all the savings of a supermarket.

Noble House is a great choice any time you want to enjoy a glass of wine in Exmouth, but Wednesdays deserve special reward: you’re halfway through the week!

To help you celebrate Hump Day, we’re serving wine at retail prices Wednesdays & Thursdays from 5.00pm, when you dine in the restaurant. That means delicious 750ml bottles start from as little as £8.00.

Of course Wine Wednesday & Thirsty Thursday is a great opportunity to save money on wine in Exmouth. But think of all the fun you could have too:

– Get together with friends and share a bottle

– Make it a date night (you’ve got more in the budget for the babysitter!)

– Explore grapes, styles and regions you’ve not sampled before

– Try premium wines at keen prices.

The Noble House wine list reads like a leisurely world tour, from our neighbours down the road in Totnes, through Europe and the Mediterranean, to the Americas with an extra stretch to Japan for a brewed sake from the Nada region.

Love Pinot Grigio? Try Portobello Catarratto – unbelievable value at just £9.50 a bottle on Wine Wednesdays & Thirsty Thursdays. Or take the opportunity to indulge in The Pugilist from Australia’s Lime Stone Coast, oozing with blackcurrant cassis fruit, a dark soft finish just lingers on… and a very affordable £12.50 a bottle.

On Wine Wednesdays & Thirsty Thursdays you’ll find those luxurious reds, for which you’d normally expect to pay £25 or more in most restaurants for under 13 quid.

This is the sort of retail therapy most people can enjoy, but don’t stop there – grab another bottle and enjoy it in our secret garden.

So book your table or let us know on arrival you want to take advantage of Wine Wednesday and Thirsty Thursday in Exmouth now.

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